Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Bringin My Blog Back... Yeah!

(Sing title to JT's "Sexy Back"... sounds better :)

So, I'm bringing my blog back! I'm excited! More or less life happened and I quit right after I got started. Lately though, I've needed something to help relieve some stress in life and I thought my blog would be a perfect way to do that. I know in my life I offer a lot insight, ideas, and creativity to my personal acquaintances, so maybe I can offer something to the people who might read my blog. I still have a passion for all things beauty related and I feel like my skills and abilities have actually been honed and are much better. More than just beauty related information, I have decided to branch out to all the different passions in my life. I love to cook, so I will share recipes and tips. I'm an avid reader, so I want to share what I'm reading. Pinterest is a new obsession of mine and I've found so many interesting tips, tricks, and ideas for every part of my life on it and I want to share it with everyone.

Some recent purchases for review and FOTD:
MAC Hey, Sailor!
Loreal Colour Riche Balm
Makeup Geek cosmetics
OPI Spiderman collection
Butter nail polishes
Hair care goodies
My first Birchbox
And More!!

I'm hoping to have my first new posts up soon, I just have a few health and personal issues that I'm wrapping up right now. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for some great things!! Talk to you soon :)


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  1. Oh girl! U are from Ohio!
    That's REALLY COOL.
    I liked your blog! We can follow each other, agree? :D
    Follow me and I will follow you right back!